Healing anger


Anger is a secondary emotion that we experience in our very early years. It is developed as a way to cover up fear, the primal emotional imbalance. When we experience out of control anger, we must look within to find the original trauma or traumas that created the fear that we avoid through anger. It’s usually found between the time of birth through age three. These traumas are difficult to access since they occurred before we can understand or process them. Through introspection, meditation, hypnosis and other powerful tools such as color and light therapy, these buried psychic shocks can be uncovered and resolved. When the core emotion is healed, the anger is no longer needed as a subconscious diversionary tactic.

Core beliefs are our deepest root beliefs, and often so buried inside the subconscious, we’re not even aware of them. When we eliminate the root belief, we disperse energy of other beliefs that have been built upon the faulty foundation. These root beliefs mainly come from our childhood, when we make decision about what reality is and where they are reinforced. Eventually these beliefs are set in stone. But they are not stone. They are created within the mind and must be recreated there as well.

Anger is amplified by the modeling of it by our parents or role models. If they have unresolved issues and use anger as a way to avoid the pain associated with these issues, then they are unconsciously teaching their children to deal with fear through anger. We cannot help but mimic those who’ve raised us. They were our archetypes and represented all men and all women. Those archetypes have become an integral part of our subconscious minds and color all our relationships to some degree. Healing our childhood and our inner child is a must if we hope to end dysfunctional family cycles, model something healthier and more life-affirming for our children and free ourselves from past suffering.

A belief is something you think is a fact of life, verified by experiences that happen again and again. But this ‘fact’ may not be true for someone with a different outlook. Dr. Lily, inventor of the isolation tank and leader in inter-species communication, says, “What one believes to be true either is true or becomes true within limits to be found experientially and experimentally. These limits are also to be transcended.” Another way to say that is that we are the ones who define our limitations by the beliefs we choose either consciously or unconsciously. Those believe will become facts we will swear by, die by and even kill by. Yet each of us has access to the most powerful tool to shift our reality-our subconscious mind.

This is a system that operates 24/7 within us. It is the level of consciousness we call sub. Our subconscious is always functioning, keeping us breathing without effort, keeping our blood flowing and our immune system alert. But it does other things as well. Our subconscious brings to us whatever we believe to be true. If we think life is hard, the subconscious will attract the people, situations and circumstances that validate that belief. If we believe we are victims, the subconscious will attract victimizers to prove the point. In other words, our subconscious is the most obliging servant imaginable, and it will attract to you whatever your conscious mind tells it is true. That’s why affirmations work. But if we say one thing and believe another, all the affirmations in the world cannot antidote those core beliefs.

We must identify those false or unhealthy beliefs, recognize their patterns, and create a renewed life. Dropping old patterns is not a graceful experience. Our personalities resist change so we must persist with developing new patterns. This takes repetition, time and patience. New patterns create new pathways in the brain, but just like forging a path through overgrowth, it takes work, focus, and going back again and again until the weeds are cleared permanently. It can be done. It must be done for our growth and evolution.

Be kind and patient with yourself. We cannot undo what we’ve built throughout our lifetime in a week or a month. It’s been embedded in our minds for decades. Do not blame yourself during the process, encourage yourself. Remind yourself why this is important. The evolution of our consciousness is our most important purpose. Our second most important work is to assist in our children’s’ evolution. We do this by modeling the process for them.

As you drop old patterns and continue to assert new ones, it will soon take hold, because all forms of life find patterns for itself and maintain those patterns. If we force out an old pattern, the mind will grab the new pattern to preserve order. Those old beliefs can be stubborn. Like pulling a weed, they may appear to be gone, but after a while they can reappear. Those dark beliefs such as “you can’t trust people” can be replaced by “people can be trusted. I only have caring people around me.” We humans need proof to fully believe, not realizing it’s the belief that magnetizes the proof to you. So, if you’re not diligent, one setback like a perceived betrayal, can cause you to revert back to the unhealthy belief. Be persistent and eventually you will see the results. 


  1. REWRITE A CHILDHOOD EVENT. Think about a negative event in your childhood and notice all the details. Then rewrite the event to have a happy ending for you.
  2. PARALLEL LIFETIME. Lifetimes can have thousands of versions, depending on different paths one takes. How would your life be different if you’d taken another path or made a different choice? Notice some choices would have made your life much worse. Be grateful. Choose a version you’d like to adopt and assume its history as your own. Pull that reality into this lifetime. Your life is a reflection of your consciousness. It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.
  3. EXAMINE ALL BELIEFS-POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE. Make a list of 20 of your negative beliefs. If any are similar, look for the core belief from which they stem. Find those basic negative core beliefs and note them. Next, make a list of 20 of your positive core beliefs. How has life reinforced or proven them? What core belief(s) are under them. These beliefs are to be strengthen and reinforced on a daily basis.