MASSAGE  Melt away stress with a full body massage.  I offer Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Abyunga (Ayurvedic) body treatments using warm organic oils and aromatherapy.  Massage increases lymph flow, body detoxification, immune strength, deep muscle relaxation and stress reduction. 1 hour session $90;  1 1/2 hr. session $120 ; 2 hr. $160

REIKI  This ancient technique, also known as hands-on healing,  works with Divine energy to free blocks and balance the body’s electromagnetic field.  This brings body, mind & spirit into alignment, releasing stress and opening you to Divine support. 1 hr session $80  Classes for Reiki Level I, II, & Master are also available.  See Classes & Workshops.

  Light and color are used to heal the body, eliminate emotional blocks, resolve old conflicts, modify karma, heal prenatal issues, connect to your life purpose, clear ancestral trauma, and much more. 75 minute session $100

QUEEN’S FOOTBATH  Submerge your feet in warm water steeped with fragrant organic flowers, followed by a 30 minute reflexology and leg massage using soothing herbs and essential oils.  Hands and feet are dipped in a hot paraffin bath, followed by a luscious hand massage.  1 hour $80